Jobs Summit: Let's Hold Our Own

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obama-job-summit.jpgLast week, President Barack Obama was back at it, holding summits about the economy. This time, it was a jobs summit. And much like the Nov. 18 small-business summit, the jobs summit got a lot of media coverage--much of it critical of how it was organized and who got to go. The Wall Street Journal's David Weidner opined, "someone or something needs to crash the event and make a case for the nation's small business community."

Many small business owners and business organizations have voiced their displeasure with being shut out of these events. So what are we waiting for? Let's hold our own jobs summit.

In this internet era, you don't really have to be invited to a White House confab to voice your opinion and make it heard on high. We're talking about a president who has his own Facebook page. The White House, too. Whether you agree with their policies or not, you have to admit there's never been an administration this accessible. Sure, it'd be great to go to the president's official jobs summit--but if you didn't get an invite, I say stop whining about that and let's get back to the main problem. We need to find ways to create jobs, and create a scenario where business owners are ready to hire again.

So let a thousand job summits bloom, in communities all over the country. Get the White House's ear with your flashmob, your protest, your online campaign, your hashtag discussion on Twitter. Call your chamber, your legislator, your industry association, and put on your own jobs summit in your town. Then, use social media to broadcast and promote the ideas that come out of them.

To pull us out of this economic slump, we need everyone on deck. What's your idea for growing jobs? I'm holding my jobs summit right here on this page, so leave us your thoughts.

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