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The Dailies at SXSW, Part Four

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Carolyn Branco SimnetDaily Entrepreneur

Carolyn Branco Simnet, CEO and founder of Traveltrot, a company that creates smartphone apps to help world travelers feel like a local, regardless of their location. Visit their site to sign up for the e-list and be the first to know when the company officially launches. Side Note: Carolyn is creating this company while juggling the rigorous workload of Columbia Business School (Applause).

Why is SXSW a hotbed for entrepreneurs?

Rapid iteration. The interactive portion of SXSW is a must for anyone starting a tech business. Things move so fast for entrepreneurs these days. If you're not aware of the latest technology, your business might be obsolete before it even launches.

What are you looking forward to most about SXSW?

I look forward to being inspired by the passion of others. You get to meet people in a variety of fields from all over the world. Every country is accounted for at SXSW. It's amazing to see how many ways there are to tackle one problem. 

What do you hope this trip does for Traveltrot?

I've already learned a lot about the importance of creating something your customers will actually want and use in the Lean Business seminar. Other than that, I just want to forge as many new relationships and friendships as possible.

What's the most innovative thing you've seen or heard so far?

One of the most surprisingly things I've noticed is the Austin mentality. Everyone is so casual and friendly here, both the locals and the people visiting for SXSW. It's a very encouraging environment for innovation.

To find out more about Traveltrot and their impending launch date e-mail Carolyn at

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