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Who to Follow on Twitter for Innovative Business Ideas


Who to Follow on Twitter for Innovative Business IdeasMario Schulzke believes in the power of ideas.

But the German-born ad agency director and part-time Ironman triathlete isn't just keen on his own musings, Schulzke wants to help you enliven your own innovative ideas too. Enter, IdeaMensch, the Los Angeles-based website that features daily interviews with visionaries, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

How does he crystalize these concepts? Twitter, for one @ideamensch. Here are Schulzke’s top five Twitter streams to follow for finding the best new entrepreneurial ideas.

  1. @trendwatching

    Followers: 53,339

    Tweets: 1,530

    Operating out of London with hundreds of "spotters" worldwide and 160,000 subscribers is on the hunt for the latest fads. The research firm's Twitter feed, as one would expect, is primarily comprised of previews of trends from around the globe.

    Sample tweet: Crearmoda - In Spain, design your own clothing via 3D simulator ( #MIY )

  2. @springwise

    Followers: 37,811

    Tweets: 2,631

    Also from London, posts about entrepreneurial ideas from around the world, such as customizable liqueurs in the U.K. and smartphone grocery shopping in South Korea. Through its blog, newsletter and Twitter feed, Springwise dispatches trend reports and profiles about small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

    Sample tweet: Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel -- Guests surrender digital devices upon check-in

  3. @psfk

    Followers: 35,870

    Tweets: 22,234

    Self-described as, "Your go-to source of new idea tweets," the New York publisher and consultancy, PSFK has one primary belief: All innovative ideas are worth sharing. What does the company tend to tweet? Ideas, ideas, ideas. No matter how big -- or little -- the goal is to share knowledge in the hopes that innovation begets more innovation.

    Sample tweet: New Heat Imaging Technology Makes Tanks Invisible

  4. @kickstarter 

    Followers: 441,884

    Tweets: 1,718

    Since you're likely not the only one with a peerless creative project in mind, consider going to the source of where projects get funded. One popular stop is the New York-based funding platform, The company's tweets tend to revolve around boosting the awareness of projects hoping to obtain funding on the site. 

    Sample tweet: Project of the Day: Aron Steinke's autobiographical comic featuring his wolf-monster doppelgänger.

  5. @coolhunting

    Followers: 75,130

    Tweets: 4,235 knows what cool is. Art, style, culture, technology -- you name it and this New York-based publication is featuring it on their exhaustive website.'s Twitter feed features daily updates on innovative products and services.

    Sample Tweet: The future arrives in the present with a charity auction of 1500 pairs of long-coveted sneakers

What other inspiring entrepreneurial resources would you add to this list? Leave a comment and let us know. 

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