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10 Cool American-Made Products

This story originally appeared on CNBC

After the deadly collapse of a garment factory building in Bangladesh, more people are asking questions about overseas-made products, including apparel often linked to sweatshops and unsafe working conditions.


Despite the growing appetite for domestically-made goods, finding "Made in USA" products can take some effort. Sarah Wagner is passionate about American-made products, and she turned her interest into a successful website, USA Love List. Launched in November 2011, the site is devoted to sourcing and showcasing where to buy domestically-made items, ranging from pet products to apparel. She regularly scans the aisles of big retailers, such as Costco and Target for American-made goods.

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"I do think people are highly motivated by concerns of product safety and contamination," Wagner said. 

While it's unrealistic to live only on "Made in USA" goods, a bit of effort can yield a variety of domestically-made choices. "There's clearly a hunger for this sort of information," said Wagner, based in Philadelphia. "Companies have no idea how much Americans want to support American businesses manufacturing at home," she said.

See a list of 10 nifty products -- from dog food to dinnerware -- curated by Wagner and the USA Love List team. And of course, all the goods are American-made.

1. Antho, Los Angeles, Calif.

10 Cool American-Made Products
image credit: Antho

These organic, vegan, and eco-friendly products for body and home--everything from deodorant to laundry soap--don't just look and smell beautiful. They're a go-to choice for beautiful, thoughtful gifts large and small.

2. Badger, Gilsum, N.H.

10 Cool American-Made Products
image credit: Badger

Badger makes a full range of sunscreens for sports, water, babies, family, and even an anti-bug product. Each one offers broad spectrum UV protection, is chemical-free, made of all natural and organic ingredients. The products also smell great.

3. Beardition, Nashville, Tenn.

10 Cool American-Made Products
image credit: Beardition

USA Love List 's beauty editor Angie Barnes likesBeardition and she doesn't even have a beard. The company is dedicated to natural men's grooming basics that work well and smells good. Products (made from "cool people in Nashville") range from beard shampoo and conditioner to beard oil. Too metrosexual? 

4. Cloud Star, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

10 Cool American-Made Products
image credit: Cloud Star

Many pet products are made domestically with lots of choices for pet owners. And Cloud Star features pet treats and grooming products, all made from domestically sourced ingredients. Products include grain-free baked biscuits and a natural dog wash shampoo. Ruff!

5. Fiesta, Newell, W. Va.

10 Cool American-Made Products
image credit: Fiesta

The Homer Laughlin China Company still makes its popular Fiesta dinnerware in the same West Virginia factory, where the line started nearly 75 years ago. This colorful, art-deco line of tableware is among the most collected in America and comes with a five-year warranty against chipping. Fiesta collectors have warm stories and memories of this durable dinnerware that's both current and nostalgic.

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