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Have a Burning Business Question? Ask the Expert: John Frankel

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John Frankel knows all about the struggles of an entrepreneur. While not one himself per se, his day-to-day duties as a VC and partner at New York City-based seed firm ff Venture Capital involves helping entrepreneurs of all stages and walks of life achieve their startup dreams, aspirations that can at times be daunting. 

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Douglas Merrill of ZestFinance.
Partner at VC firm ff Venture Capital John Frankel

"Building a company can be a lonely journey for many entrepreneurs," he says. "Successful entrepreneurs need to overcome enormous hurdles as they build their businesses. We are in the business of helping them do so. Through financial capital, intellectual capital and relevant resources, we are empowering them to build great businesses."

He seems to be doing a pretty good job at it. Frankel has been an early-stage investor since 1999. Some of his prominent investments include talent management company Cornerstone OnDemand (IPO in 2011) search engine marketing company Quigo Technologies (acquired by AOL for a reported $340 million) and social media analytics website Klout, among the other 180 investments.  

Prior to jumping into investment, Frankel worked at investment firm Goldman Sachs where he held various roles revolving around technology development, reengineering and capital markets. 

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For this month only, Frankel is answering your questions on real-world issues entrepreneurs face. Feel free to ask startup questions, including queries about fundraising, hiring, building a team and handling the challenges of being an entrepreneur.  

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