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In-Flight Wi-Fi Valued Over Comfort, Bathrooms? (Infographic)

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Commercial flights are rarely fun; they're cramped, noisy, often smelly. But according to a survey by Honeywell Aerospace, passengers would be willing to make their experience even more physically uncomfortable in exchange for in-flight , trading everything from reclining seats, leg room, snacks and restrooms for consistent .

An compiled by Honeywell highlights how much we staying connected – even at 39,000 feet. In exchange for Wi-Fi…

-- 32 percent of U.S. passengers would in their reclining seats

-- 24 percent would give up 6 inches of leg room

-- 42 percent would do without snacks

-- And an optimistic 13 percent would forgo restroom services.

Take a look.

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In-Flight Wi-Fi Valued Over Comfort – Even Over Bathrooms? (Infographic)


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