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6 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week

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Health insurance exchanges go online, the Guardian offers Masterclasses for creative types, SCORE gives treps the skinny on WordPress, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. wants a few good entrepreneurs, CreateTech conference draws an eclectic crowd in Brooklyn, Marc Andreessen sits down with the Pando Monthly… This week’s notable news and startup events for entrepreneurs:

1. Obamacare kicks in: For those who don't currently have health insurance, this week marks the day when you too can access coverage through the federally-run health insurance exchanges. Check out your options with Entrepreneur's ongoing Obamacare coverage. (Oct. 1)

2. Your creative startup awaits: The Guardian Masterclasses series, is offering a class on launching a creative startup. Get three unique perspectives from very different creative entrepreneurs; Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, Pip Jamieson, co-founder of The Loop, and Danny Miller, co-founder and CEO of Human After All. (London, Sept 30.)

3. Wrangle your website with Wordpress: SCORE is offering a seminar on working with WordPress. Get a walkthrough of the software, and a live demonstration from Becky Davis, web designer and WordPress developer. (Chicago, Sept. 30)

4. Make a big company partnership today: Sikorsky Innovation, the R&D division of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is looking for innovative ideas from entrepreneurs. Part of its Innovation Tour, the entrepreneurial challenge is looking to pair treps in specialized aerospace and rotorcraft with the leading manufacturing group to create opportunities in new markets. (Centennial, Colo., October 1)

5. Get creative in Brooklyn: Introduce the left side of your brain to the right, merging logic with creativity at the CreateTech Conference. Full of inspiring speakers and an eclectic crowd, the theme of this event is investigating the “nexus of creativity and technology in marketing and culture.” (Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 2 - 3)

6. The Godfather of Silicon Valley: Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and Opsware, board member at Ebay, HP and Facebook, is a legend in Silicon Valley. This week the Pando Monthly series sits down with Andreessen to talk tech and venture capital. (San Francisco, Oct. 3)

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Brad Crescenzo is a freelance writer in New York.