How Your 'Box of Possibility' Can Help Drive Your Entrepreneurial Passion

How Your 'Box of Possibility' Can Help Drive Your Entrepreneurial Passion

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Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

As young entrepreneurs making the choice to take the difficult route in startup land, it's likely that this piece of advice couldn't ring more true.

Much of what drives an entrepreneur is revolved around passion -- not money, a cushy lifestyle or fame. (If you are looking for that, you may be headed in the wrong direction). It is more about being involved in something that makes you whole and motivates you to persevere.

In her recently released book, Do Cool Sh*t (HarperBusiness, 2013), serial-social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal echoes this insight by letting entrepreneurs know their path in life is based on choice, or as she likes to call it a "box of possibility."

“The challenge is to go find what keeps your eyes all sparkling and wide open, what gets you brushing the dust off your behind every time you fall and come back with greater gusto," Agrawal recalls her father telling her.

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For those looking to take the first step of becoming an entrepreneur, in her book Agrawal suggests:

Try something new.
You need to learn to put yourself out there in the world and try new things, talk with new people, travel to new places, build a community that inspires you and create something meaningful.

Change is good.
The world of today offers opportunities that did not exist when your parents were growing up, and the world will keep evolving at a faster and faster pace for all generations to come. Go with it. Ride the changing wave with excitement and motivation. Don’t resist the change, as it’s inevitable.

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Remember your long-term goal.
Always focus on your desired outcome and not the pain you’re going through right now. This desired outcome will keep you inspired and strong, even during your most vulnerable moments.

In the end, Agrawal says, "It all comes down to one decision: The decision to act and take your first step toward doing what you love and living life on your own terms."

To hear more about Agrawal's "box of possibility," tune into the video below:

What would be in your "box of possibility?" Let us know in the comments below.

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