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10 Stories From the Web to Know About This Week, Oct. 11, 2013

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RoboRoaches for sale, iBeengo wants you to go too, highlighting the MBA for entrepreneurs, the war on working from home, Burberry CEO dishes on the future of retail and design, A tech writer goes on a social-media diet… This week's notable news and tantalizing tidbits for entrepreneurs:

1. The cyborg cockroach: Part insect, part machine, the first commercially available cyborg will become reality in the form of a remote-controlled "RoboRoach." The Dr. Moreau-esque creation of Backyard Brains came to fruition by popular demand as a Kickstarter project. (Vice)

2. Been there, done that: Two Taiwanese-Canadian brothers are revolutionizing the typical travel tour with their startup called iBeengo, by giving the customers what they want, flexibility and customization. (BBC)

3. The MBA for entrepreneurs: The Acton School of Business has created a MBA program geared toward entrepreneurs looking to create, grow and possibly sell a business, not investment bankers looking to run a hedgefund. (Forbes)

4. The war on working from home: The second wave of the work-from-home movement is upon us, and it seems that round-one enthusiasts are recasting their votes. Big companies like HP, Yahoo and Best Buy are all reining in their workers. Find out why. (Wired)

5. Bite-sized insight from Burberry: Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts, talks in a 30-second video about the future of retail, and the connection between business, design and technology. (Fast Company)

6. Government shutdown = no new beer: Beer and spirits have been the quiet small-business heroes of the recession, but the government shutdown has stopped these craft brewers in their tracks because of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, which is a little known arm of the Treasury Department. (Fox News)

7. My social-media diet: Tech writer Jessi Hempel gave up social media for a month to figure out what she gained from inserting social technology into her life in the last decade. The good, the bad, the mundane… here are her findings. (Fortune magazine)

8. Gellin with Yellen: President Obama has nominated Janet Yellen to be head of the Federal Reserve. Many are concerned, but with a specialty in jobs and labor markets, now vice chairwoman might be just the remedy the U.S. needs. (LA Times)

9. Motivate yourself: Serial entrepreneur and investor, Mark Suster, talks about the insecurities, uncertainties and stress that come with starting a business -- and how he keeps himself motivated. (LinkedIn Today)

10. The small biz behind Before big developers took control, a small team of engineers laid the groundwork for the face of the new health care exchanges at Development Seed president, Eric Gundersen explains how the site was supposed to work, and what the current issues are. (Washington Post)

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