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In the information age, knowledge is your best weapon.
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P>Think about it: Much of what you've learned in the past, while it may have been accurate at the time, has since changed, leaving you misinformed or uninformed-so that a lot of what you thought you knew for a fact is actually wrong. In social situations, your lack of up-to-date information is inconvenient, but in business, it's suicidal.

You must realize that in business, just as in sports, people are constantly trying to become better than you, and some of them succeed. The ones who do have mastered the art of .

Seagulls fly in circles in the sky, constantly searching for food. When they find it, they land and eat their fill. Then they return to the sky, only to fly in circles once again. It's their most powerful instinct. Guerrilla marketers have an instinct just as strong-the need for constant learning. They gobble up data with an intellectual appetite that can never be sated.

Anybody can read books, listen to tapes, watch television, attend seminars and browse the Internet. So how do guerrillas learn differently from other marketers? They learn with two-way brains. That means in addition to merely learning, they act on their new information. They do things that take advantage of their newfound wisdom. This action is the essence of .

Nowadays, learning is different than when you were a kid. The key to succeeding in your own business is not learning about something all at once, but learning one thing after another. Because information changes, pouring in from all different directions, you've got to be selective in your learning.

Never before in history has so much information been readily available to so many people so easily. In just one hour in your own office, you can learn more today than you could have a decade ago after spending a week in a library. You can learn theories and facts, discover up-to-the-minute information and uncover galore. You can learn about your prospects, your customers, your industry and your marketplace.

The information that's available has never been as important as it is right now in the information age. Because information is the currency of the times, guerrillas do all they can to help their customers learn how to succeed. They do it by providing information.

Guerrillas understand the power of repetition in learning and teaching. They've seen its potency in marketing. They know, too, the joy of learning-for its own sake, and for the sake of propelling their businesses to the top. Nonstop learning-that describes their journey.

Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing books are printed in 37 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide. His Web address is his site is at keyword "guerrilla"; and his toll-free number is (800) 748-6444.

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