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How to Revive Your Wardrobe When You're Busy Running a Company

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When seasons start to change, it’s time to give your work wardrobe an update. But with jackets, boots, and everything in between, this new wardrobe can get expensive fast.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have time to dig through the sale racks, so we look to the latest technologies to help us build that fall wardrobe. While Hukkster is the ultimate strategic shoppers tool, we’ve uncovered a few more tips and tricks to help you update your fall work wardrobe at a reasonable price.

Give your closet a seasonal clean out.

Every season, we like to do a quick wardrobe clean out. Putting shorts and flip-flops away for the colder months, gives our sweaters and leggings room in the closet. While going through last years fall favorites, don’t be afraid to give a few older items away. (Neighborhood goodwill shops are great!)

We love the app, Threadflip, because it lets you consign the clothes you no longer need and get your hands on gems from someone else’s closet. Not only will this make room for the latest styles, but allow you to pinpoint the items you truly need.

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Don’t stash your summer attire.

Just because it’s a new season doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite summer pieces. There are plenty of items that you can seamlessly transition from summer to fall. For example, we love pairing a floral dress with our favorite fall booties and a leather jacket. Can’t get enough Chambray? Pair your shirt with a fall skirt or classic pair of chinos. Need style inspiration? We turn to our friends at Who What Wear and Pose for great outfit ideas all season long. Check out some of our favorite fall essentials that will help you effortlessly transition your wardrobe.

Buy the essentials, wait on the rest.

There are certain pieces that are absolute must-haves for fall, but others are definitely must-hukks. For your essential work pieces, go ahead and buy some now. Ladies, don’t wait to purchase those basic black pants or the perfect button down.

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Guys, invest in a classic pair of chinos and chukka’s, they’ll easily become your wardrobe staples. If you’ll be wearing an item daily, it’s worth buying now, even at full price. Higher priced items, like coats and sweaters that last more than one season, are worth waiting for. Use Hukkster to track that perfect fall sweater, fall coat or pair of boots. They’ll definitely be on sale before the temperature drops.

Wear it to work. 

A sturdy, roomy bag is an entrepreneur essential. There are so many styles to choose from, but since you’ll probably be sporting this bag all season, you’ll want to make sure to get one that you love. Make sure to choose a tote that will carry all your everyday items and go with the majority of your wardrobe. Ladies, whether you go for a color block tote, a simple solid, or decide to take a walk on the patterned wild side, you can score a gorgeous tote at high, middle, and low price points.

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For the glam girl, has some fabulous options. Looking for something unique? Check out original designs at Gents, it’s time to decide between a comfortable side bag or classic backpack. Either way, leave the briefcase with your grandpa.

Any other fast fashion tips you'd add? Let us know with a comment below. 

Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan

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Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell are the co-founders of Hukkster, an online shopping tool that helps you track products on sites you love, get notified when those products go on sale and gives you the ability to buy when the price and time are right.