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Apple's iPhone 5s, Royal Baby and Nelson Mandela Make Google's Top Searched-For Terms of 2013


What words, names and phrases were your customers searching for most this year? Google knows. Actually, Google knows what just about everyone was searching for in 2013. Today, the tech giant has released its "Zeitgeist 2013," the list of the top search terms and trends over the last year.

Sadly, but perhaps not too surprising, neither "entrepreneur" or "small business" were among Google's top searches this year. Many of the top search terms were related to big news, events and pop culture.

For instance, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, iPhone 5s, Cory Monteith and the Harlem Shake ranked No. 1 through 5, respectively, for the top searches of 2013. Boston Marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung Galaxy S4, PlayStation 4 and North Korea founded out the top 10.

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While the top searches of the year might not immediately seem related to you, your business or your industry, being aware of trending search topics can give entrepreneurs an opportunity to talk or write about those topics on social media or on their blogs.

Here's a glance at some of the interesting categories Google released search terms for. Some are related to business. Others, not so much. 

Fortune 500 companies:


Tech gadgets:


Dating services:

Mobile/Tablet apps:

TV shows:

Social media sites:

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