Google Glass, Hoodies and Rompers: The Relaxed Style of SXSW


1. Jeans, boots and blazers

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2. The ever-present hoodie

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3. The relaxed maxi dress

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4. The classic t-shirt

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5. A sheer romper

5 / 9

6. Google Glass

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7. Leggings and wedges

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8. Oxfords and mettalics

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9. Party casual

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Entrepreneurs have their finger on the pulse. So it’s no surprise that a visit to the Austin festival SXSW caught its share of startup founders who mixed the event’s down-to-earth vibe with their own sense of personal style. 

Hukkster, founders, Katie Finnegan and Erica Bell, New York

About the festival: "SXSW is a great opportunity to escape the cold NY weather and meet up with partners, investors and clients in one place. It's also a great opportunity to sit down with fellow founders from across the country and share advice."

Trendabl, founder, Jon Alagem (right) New York, Posing with angel investor, Anthony Schiller (left), and Aymen Anthony Saleh (middle), investor and Nas' manager.

About the festival: “It’s like summer camp, you hang with old friends, meet new people and most importantly eat a lot of amazing food."

Refashion, founder, Cristina Quitania, San Diego, California

About the festival: "What brought me to SXSW? In short, networking, knowledge and promotion of my upcoming podcast launch, but I see SXSW becoming the 5th fashion week behind NY, Milan, Paris and Milan. SXSW has a unique way of creating the space for knowledge share, collaboration and innovation, which in time I think will push the industry forward."

Splash, founder, Ben Hindman, New York

On what brought him to Austin: “Late night jam sessions with super smart people.”

BOOTLEG Market, founder, Sarah Ellison Lewis, Austin, Texas

About the festival: "SXSW is an amazing place to promote our company because the conference is a world class amalgam of people with endless ideas and curiosities. We are not only welcomed and encouraged to tell our story, we are also commended for our milestones in the fashion, start-up and tech spaces. I only feel gratitude for our opportunities and accomplishments -- we are constantly learning these rapid fire skills and techniques together, and like any other challenge, it's so nice to feel we are not alone!"

Pristine co-founder, Kyle Samani, Austin, Texas

About the festival: "The big thing I strive to get out of the show is networking and connections."

Mulu, chief executive officer Amaryllis Fox, San Francisco

Fashion's Collective founder & chief executive officer, Elizabeth Canon, New York

"Since more fashion and tech executives head down to SXSW than ever before, we decided to host an event to support and gather the industry. Our Fashion Brain Bar has been a great way for people to connect and discuss the newest technology they've been exposed to while down in Austin." 

Dgts, product designer, Zach Heineman, San Francisco

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