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So Much To Read.So Little Time

Magazines and newsletters threatening to take over your time and your space? Take control of your business reading.

This story appears in the April 2000 issue of

No matter what your field of business, there's undoubtedly a magazine, newsletter or online publication that addresses your industry. Keeping this information overload under control is possible if you take the time to set up systems to manage and digest everything.

  • Designate one place in your office for magazines, newspapers and any other publications you don't need to read right away. One place to keep incoming reading is a stacking bin. It's larger than a stacking tray and has legs, and you can add additional bins on top to keep papers to be filed. The goal is to keep this inactive information off your desk so you stay focused on important tasks.
  • Separate your business publications from your personal reading to help you prioritize. Keeping them together gives you an unrealistic picture of the amount of reading you actually have to do.

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