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Twitter's Redesign Makes Photos the Focal Point


What do First Lady Michelle Obama, the actor Zac Efron, boxer Floyd Mayweather and the rock band Weezer all have in common? They are among the very first stars in the Twitterverse to sport the site’s brand new profile design.

Aiming to make it “easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself,” Twitter is rolling out revamped profile layouts, the company announced today on its blog.

With larger profile pictures and background images that span the width of an entire page, the outline looks suspiciously like Facebook, many users observed.

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Profile information as well as photo and video content now appears in a left-hand column, whereas suggested users and trending topics have been pushed to the right. Rather than a chronological stream, each tweet now appears in its own individual frame.

In addition to the ability to pin tweets to the top of one’s page and filter various types of timelines -- just tweets, tweets with photos/videos or tweets and replies -- the content that is performing best will be automatically enlarged.

While the new setup is available today to a small group of users -- which also includes the Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil, the Australian Football League and French television host Nikos Aliagas -- Twitter will roll out the new features across the board “in the coming weeks.”

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