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Make a Positive Change Now With These 5 Life Shortcuts

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We're always looking for shortcuts that can make life a little more efficient. As an entrepreneur, these shortcuts can mean a big jump in productivity with just a few minor adjustments.

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Here are five shortcuts that are easy to start doing now:

1. Keep an idea log. Most entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas. Some are great, most probably are not, but even the bad ones can lead to some good brainstorming and questions. Keeping track of your ideas in one central place is a great way to organize your thoughts while maintaining your focus. Having this centralized log when inspiration randomly strikes will be a great resource down the line when you’re ready for a new project. It will also free up mental space.

2. Only work with positive people. Maybe the next great app innovation will be a time tracker for how much wasted energy goes into bad relationships. The side effect of negative, unhappy and/or unhealthy people is a whole heap of effort that goes into trying to deal with the drama. While all-important relationships in your life will have their ups and downs, you know in your heart the ones that are energy suckers and constant downers. Consider this a “friendervention” -- work and surround yourself with positive people. It will save you a lot of time, stress and frustration and will bring about a lot of happy collaboration and fun.

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3. Block out personal time. There’s advice about working like a dog and advice about relaxing more, this shortcut is about balance. You’re going to work yourself hard as an entrepreneur, especially in the first years of your business. But everyone has a burnout point. Try not to discover yours by taking some time for yourself each day. Many successful people make this their meditation or exercise time, but whatever time it is for you -- be sure you keep this appointment. Skip it and you’re going to have problems, guaranteed.

4. Use failure to move forward. Failing is a good thing. You’ve heard it before, so why do you continue to beat yourself up? You learn a lot more about yourself, your business and product in failing than you do in succeeding most times. Remember shortcut number two about avoiding negative people? That includes the voices in your head that are mean, negative and berating. Speak and think to yourself and others in a way that fosters opportunity, not condemns failure.

5. Take action. As Jillian Michaels says, “Transformation is not a future event, it is a present activity.” Decide right now to take action in some area of your life and business. Entrepreneurs who skip analysis paralysis and take action will see momentum sooner.

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