Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

. . . but you can get a business loan in 24 hours from the latest breed of online search engines that hunt down the money you need at breakneck speed.

When infopreneur Frank Zambaras founded, he wanted to take advantage of the fragmented commercial loan application process and make it easier for smaller companies to find the right lender. In a few short months, he's done exactly that.

Quickyes Corp. is an Internet-based company that processes business loan applications online, then matches them with participating banks and private lenders using a special search engine. Although they can't guarantee your application will get the thumbs up, they do match individuals with lenders most likely to say "yes," and they do it, as their name suggests, very quickly.

At the heart of is a proprietary software engine that accurately matches applications for small-business financing with the participating lenders most likely to approve the transactions: banks, leasing companies, venture capitalists and private financing companies.

Quickyes accepts applications for financing online, then routes them through a nationwide network of participating banks and independent financing companies. There's no charge for applying online. Quickyes is not a broker or a lender; rather, its operations are subsidized by its lenders, who pay a fee for participation in the network.

So how fast is fast? The company claims to be able to process many applications within 24 hours, and, last September, its online processing system handled a record 128 applications for business loans in an eight-hour period.

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