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You're not alone in your environmental efforts--the EPA offers assistance.

Entrepreneurs involved in the recycling industry can get advice and support from one of five Recycling Business Assistance Centers (RBACs) nationwide.

Initially created with grant money from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Jobs Through Recycling Program, the centers are designed to help businesses with planning, product and market development, pricing and more. Entrepreneurs can also get assistance making connections with financing resources. The RBACs are located in California, Florida, Minnesota, New York and North Carolina, and may go by different names in each state.

Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and New Hampshire offer similar assistance programs through Recycling Economic Development Advocates (REDAs), individuals who provide the same services as the centers but on a smaller scale. Like the RBACs, REDAs go by different names in the various states.

For more information, visit the EPA Web site at

This story appears in the February 2000 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »