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Entrepreneur of 2013 Winner: I Always Ask 'What Would Steve Jobs Do?'

Entrepreneurs can be hard on themselves -- and if they aren't, they should be. At least that's how Patrick O'Neill feels about it.

O'Neill, who beat out thousands of applicants to win Entrepreneur magazine's Entrepreneur of 2013 award, held himself to a high standard while developing the olloclip, a multi-feature mobile camera lens that snaps on to iPhones and iPads. Whenever he felt he had arrived at a final product, he'd imagine what Steve Jobs, the late and great Apple chief, would say about it.

"I would always ask, 'What would Steve Jobs say about this product? Would he say it's good enough?" said O'Neill, speaking to an audience of small-business owners this past January at Entrepreneur's Growth Conference 2014 in New Orleans. "The answer would always be 'No, it's not. We need to keep working. We need to keep iterating.'"

Olloclip is now a multimillion-dollar brand with products sold in Best Buy and Target. The company's first retail customer? Apple, of course.

Check out this video to learn more about O'Neill's journey to success.

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