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Try This Killer Tool for Driving Traffic to Your Website

If at first you don’t succeed, test, test, test again. Then test some more.

Aggressively testing and optimizing your company’s website can seriously boost your traffic, visitor engagement and click-through rates.

The goal is to increase website traffic and skyrocket conversions, ideally of the repeat, revenue-generating kind. Easier said than done.

The problem is many small businesses don’t have the time, money and expertise to properly analyze what’s working on their website and what’s not. They often shoot in the dark and hope for the best. Not exactly a smart nor effective web strategy.  

In this video, we chat with Brent Reinhard, digital marketing expert and general manager of Ink from Chase, about an affordable, easy-to-use tool that busy small business owners can use to optimize website engagement and supercharge website traffic.

It’s called Optimizely and it’s an A/B testing software solution that takes the headache out of the tedious, complicated process of pinpointing what visitors to yours website click on, what they ignore and a lot more. Once you know what’s attracting visitors to your site -- and keeping them there, hopefully clicking on what you want them to -- you can cut out the dead weight and focus more on what’s working.

“[Optimizely is] a tool that allows you to on-the-fly develop test scenarios for your own website that can help you determine what works better for driving traffic and conversions,” Reinhard says.

All Optimizely users have to do is insert a single line of Optimizely-provided code into their website’s source code, then tell the service what to measure. From there, they can track everything from conversions to clicks to sign ups and just about every measurable action in between.

Optimizely monthly pricing plans range from $17 to $359, depending on your monthly web traffic. Not ready to put your money down? Try it for 30 days for free.