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Why Bitcoin Is 'Like Email for Money'

Bitcoin doesn’t have to be as mind-numbingly complicated as people make it out to be.

In this video, two of the industry’s leading experts unravel the enigma that is Bitcoin, which isn’t such an intimidating mystery when compared to two game-changers we can’t live without today: the Internet and email.

When you first started surfing the web, chances are you didn’t fully understand exactly what it was or how it worked. The same probably goes for email. You use email to quickly, easily send and receive messages from friends, colleagues and loved ones. But you don’t have to fully grasp the intricate technology behind it to reap the benefits of using it.

In this video, Nicolas Cary, CEO of, a popular Bitcoin wallet and block explorer, breaks down how Bitcoin is “like email for money.”

You’ll also hear why Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of SecondMarket, an online liquid asset marketplace, and founder of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, thinks Bitcoin is often perceived as something untrustworthy and scary, similar to how people thought of the Internet in its early days.

“People had a lot of negative comments as to how the Internet could be used for bad things,” Silbert says. “I think now people, generally speaking, trust in the Internet, and I think over time people will ultimately trust in Bitcoin as well -- as a remittance platform, as a payment platform and as this digital currency.”

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