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How Introverts Can Power Through Networking Events

Going to a networking event should mean meeting new people and spreading the word about your business. For too many people, it means sipping a cocktail alone in a corner.

Those of us who are shy, introverted or shy and introverted know that navigating a room full of people can be daunting. But it's hardly impossible. And, when done right, it can help you forge meaningful relationships with people who can help you throughout your career.

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In this video, etiquette coach Jacqueline Whitmore of The Protocol School of Palm Beach offers advice on how to handle networking events like a rock star. Her No. 1 tip? Plan ahead – identify two or three people you'd like to speak to and concentrate only on them.

And don't be afraid to ask someone you're familiar with to introduce you to an industry leader or someone else who might intimidate you. "When someone connects you to a VIP, you hold more weight in their eyes," Whitmore says.

Check it out.

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