Notes Scattered Everywhere? Declutter With This Tool.

Google Docs. Email drafts. Post-It Stickys. Planner pages. The palms of your hands. There are umpteen places to scatter notes, online and off. Going back and finding them, let alone making sense of them, can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.    

Note to self: Bundle your business notes all in one neat, organized space in the cloud. Problem solved. Goodbye, lost time and notes. Hello, better, faster, smarter workflow.   

In this video, Brent Reinhard, marketing expert and general manager of Ink from Chase, discusses how he recently went paperless with Evernote. He uses the multi-platform (online and mobile) service to store, streamline and simplify meeting-related notes and tasks that he used to handwrite in notebooks that were a headache to search.

With Evernote, notes take on many forms outside of text-based documents. They can also be voice memos, web pages, images, with and without file attachments. Items created in Evernote can be quickly, conveniently organized into folders, and tagged and shared with colleagues. You can use Evernote for free or for $5 per month or $45 per year for additional premium features.


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