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Want to Know What's Happening in Your Industry? This Addictive Magazine App Can Help.

You don’t have to suffer through snorer trade magazines and stale e-newsletters to take the pulse of your industry. Save yourself the time and hassle and tap (and swipe) into the latest news and trends in your line of business fast with Flipboard.  

The free mobile app, bearing the apropos tagline “your personal magazine,” is often compared to a magazine in concept because it looks and feels quite like one, albeit a smaller, interactive glossy tucked neatly into your smartphone or tablet. Users can flip through customizable content within the sleek app just as they would through their favorite magazine, thus the app’s apposite name.  

In this video, New York City-based marketing consultant and SEO expert Brian Honigman describes how business owners can leverage Flipboard content that they personally handpick within the app to stay abreast of the industry news they care about -- in a few short minutes, right from their Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry mobile devices.  

“I think the biggest benefit [of using Flipboard] for a business owner is that you can curate the app to give you information that’s the most relevant to you, regardless of the source,” Honigman says.

For example, if you write about business and consumer tech for a living (like someone we know), you can set Flipboard up to deliver a steady stream of the latest articles from technology-focused sources like CNET, GigaOM, Engadget, TechCrunch, Wired and however many other topic-relevant publications you like.

Check out the video for more.


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