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How to Design a Knockout Bitcoin Mobile App

Bitcoin is incredibly complicated, and making complicated things simple -- in ways that even your grandmother can understand -- is ironically anything but simple. What good is something so technically, beautifully complex if no one can figure out what it is and how to use it?

It’s the same way with building mobile Bitcoin apps, says Dan Held, co-founder of ZeroBlock, a sleek, chart-rich trading platform app that delivers the latest Bitcoin prices and news.

In this video, Held spills the insider design secrets needed to create a simple, yet fully featured Bitcoin app. (If you’re not into cryptocurrency, you can still apply his helpful design pointers to just about any app.)

Held’s practical tips stem from his and his co-founder Kevin Johnson’s own trial-and-error experiences designing, tweaking and launching ZeroBlock. Here Held shares the finer points of some key mobile app user interface features, like navigation, the number of steps a user has to take to get to what they want, maximum pixel-to-data ratio and more.

How to Design a Knockout Bitcoin Mobile App
The user interface design flow from a recent version of the ZeroBlock mobile app
Image credit: ZeroBlock


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