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Why This Startup Opens Its Doors to Total Strangers for a Weekly Coffee Date

The journey from far-flung vision to lucrative reality can be a lonely one. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can feel like they’re up against the world. 

To ease this isolation, every Wednesday morning, Washington, D.C.-based marketing firm Sisarina opens its doors to the local business community for a ‘Cup of Inspiration.’ Anybody is invited to have coffee and a bagel, to network, ask questions and -- ideally -- leave with enough motivation to push through the rest of the week.

The benefits are numerous, says Melanie Spring, Sisarina’s founder. Beyond serving as a business development tool, Cup of Inspiration keeps employees on their toes. If they’re asked for marketing advice or company information, Spring explains, staffers must have a solid grasp on “all the pieces and facets of the whole company.”

Overall, the sessions connect the company to the community at large, encouraging employees and potential clients alike “to expand their worlds,” Spring says. Hear her discuss the unique program in greater detail in this short video. 


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