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Papa John's Founder on What Makes an Outstanding Franchisee

Papa will bring the pizza, but his franchisees have to bring the passion.

What makes franchising such an attractive option for entrepreneurs is that the franchisor provides a tried and true business model. But what it also means is that, to rise above the rest of the pizza franchisees in town, a rockstar Papa John’s franchisee has to come to the table with drive and a real sense of determination.

“We are keen on having people around us who have a great attitude, that have a can-do spirit. And that starts with passion,” John Schnatter told in Washington D.C. last month during National Small Business Week

Schnatter himself is no stranger to hustle. He started Papa John’s pizza franchise in a broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern with $1,600 worth of used restaurant equipment. 

Watch this video to learn how Schnatter got started and what it takes for entrepreneurs to follow in his pizza franchise footsteps. 


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