How to Design a Powerful Logo

Entrepreneur Staff

A dynamic logo can help convey your startup’s identity and make you look all the more professional when you're just getting started.

There are three kinds of logos: Ones that emphasize text, logos that focus on images and others that have abstract symbols like the Nike "Swoosh." Look at other logos in your industry and understand what is most important to you.

No matter the type of logo, it should be memorable, distinctive and scalable, meaning it should look good on a business card or a billboard, and easy to reproduce in both color and black and white. Avoid anything that looks too trendy or like a school art project. 

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Design firms can charge thousands of dollars so make sure that if you hire one, they understand your vision. Also consider hiring a freelance designer whose rates may be more in your price range.

When the process is done, trademark it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

For more on designing a powerful logo, check out the video above.

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