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Home Front

How to tip the scales in your favor when balancing home and business.

This story appears in the September 1996 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

For some homebased , starting their is as easy as declaring that they are in business. They use every part of the house to accommodate the business. They use every drawer for stashing receipts, invoices and other items that deal strictly with the business. And friends, family and just about anybody else passing by is free to interrupt business at the drop of a paper clip. Is it any wonder, then, that many homebased businesses suffer from a poor image? Is it any wonder that homebased-business owners often neglect legal and tax obligations until the last minute? Is it any wonder that many of these businesses don't stay in business?

That's not to say that all -based entrepreneurs conduct business in this manner. In fact, with the influx of corporate refugees into the homebased arena, a new wave of professionalism has swept the . Entrepreneurs now set aside specific rooms for office use only. Within these , the owners conduct business away from the disturbances of family, friends and the other little distractions that crop up each day. They install separate business phone lines and use cutting-edge office equipment. Eventually, a room in a house metamorphoses into a professional's office.

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