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Uber May Soon Be Worth 1-1/2 Twitters

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Uber is on the verge of closing a new funding round from T. Rowe Price Group Inc. that would value the company at as much as $40 billion, according to a report from Bloomberg.

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$40 billion. That's a staggeringly huge number, as well as a stratospheric jump from Uber's last funding round, when it raised $1.2 billion at a valuation of $17 billion.

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To try and wrap our heads around just how valuable Uber is in the eyes of investors, we used the market caps of a few publicly traded companies as a benchmark. How many Twitters can you get for one Uber? How many Nikes? How many Electronic Arts?

Let's take a look. One Uber is worth approximately:

  • 377 American Apparels
  • 21 New York Times
  • 17 Zyngas
  • 3 Electronic Arts
  • 1-1/2 Twitters
  • 1 Delta Air Lines
  • Almost 1/2 of Nike
  • 1/6 of Facebook
  • 1/10 of Google
  • 1/18 of Apple

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