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Entrepreneur's Top 10 Videos of 2014


released more than ever in 2014, covering everything from how to close deals to how to be more productive. With more videos, there were more ways than ever to explore strategies for great and the entrepreneurs that have mastered them.

These 10 videos found a special place in the hearts of our audience, gaining thousands of views over the last year. Here are Entrepreneur's 10 most popular videos of 2014:

10. Shy People Tend to Have This Coveted Leadership Skill
A must-watch for any entrepreneur who struggles to speak up in meetings and hates networking events with a passion. Just because you're quiet doesn't mean you don't have leadership skills – including one that more extroverted coworkers may lack.

9. The 5 Questions That Will Close the Deal
What's the magic word? This video gives you five questions that you need to ask if you want to understand your customer's motivation – and seal the deal.

8. This One Habit Can Help Make You Smarter
Behavior science expert and Entrepreneur contributor James Clear knows all the secrets behind manipulating your brain to help you succeed. Check out this video if you want to learn how to develop one habit that can make you a better entrepreneur.

7. 's 5 Steps for Startup Success
Very few people have a better idea of how to be successful in business than Virgin Group founder and CEO Richard Branson. In this video, he's broken the process down into five simple steps.

6. How Cheezburger Founder Rebounded After Hitting Rock Bottom
Ben Huh built a social humor and meme network with sites like I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog and Geek Universe from nothing. He talked to Entrepreneur about coming back from and failure to build a company that attracts 20 million unique monthly visitors and generates more than 400 million page views a month.

5. For Better Conversations, Replace 'How Are You?' With This One Phrase
There's nothing more frustrating than having a conversation with a bad listener whose mind is clearly elsewhere. If you've ever worried that you're a distracted listener yourself, you need to watch this video with etiquette coach Jacqueline Whitmore.

4. Why You Should Listen First, Market Later            
Too many companies are using Twitter to advertise, instead of using social media to connect with customers and find out what they want. UnMarketing author Scott Stratten and brand marketing expert Bryan Elliot look at how to make sure your company listens to clients before marketing.

3. Why Is Driving Social Engagement (and How You Can Take Advantage)
Nearly every company has a Twitter, Facebook and even an Instagram in 2014. Here's why you should open a Pinterest account as well.

2. Want Media Attention? Target Trades First
Getting media attention isn't always easy. Here's who you should be talking to if you want to build a name for your business.

1. One Way to Turn Customers Into Raving Fans: Be Controversial
You don't get hardcore fans by playing it safe. Perry Marshall, sales expert and author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, has the keys to getting customers to become truly passionate about your brand. 

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