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How to Get Past the First-Quarter Blues

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So the crazy holiday season is over and first quarter is now in full swing. With the excitement and busyness of the fourth quarter wearing off, you are now stuck trying to successfully launch new products in hopes of dredging up sales during a time that is notoriously slow.

Here are a few key factors to consider to ensure your Q1 sales season is a successful one

Create opportunities to showcase your products

Your first priority in a new product launch is to make sure you have opportunities to showcase them to your clients. Whether through one-on-one meetings, emails blast, commercials, tradeshows or other inititatives. Get dialog going with your clients and gauge how your new products are going to be perceived. This will allow you to push the ones that seem to catch a lot of interest and think twice about products that do not seem to suit the market.

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Provide necessary and helpful new product information

Next, when creating your catalog or giving product information, make sure to offer all the necessary material your clients will need. This includes pricing, specs, functions and most importantly why this product is desirable to the consumer.

Make room for new products

While showcasing your new products, you should also think about how to move old product inventory. Before the busy season is over, strategically place a sale on an item that you want to make sure is gone to make room for your new products. This will increase sales and prepare your warehouse for new products.

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Build up the hype

Lastly, create anticipation for your new products and give hints of what is to come. Give your top clients, PR writers and bloggers samples of the new products to get some hype started. This will allow people to get a glimpse of the hot new items soon to come.

If you plan in advance for the launch of your new products in quarter one with the steps above, you are guaranteed to have an exciting and successful first quarter.    

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Jason Lucash

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Jason Lucash launched his first business as a third-grader in the San Francisco suburb of Danville, California and has had the same entrepreneurial spirit since then. Most recently Jason launched OrigAudio which makes unique portable audio products in 2009 and has received numerous accolades and awards such as Entrepreneur Magazine's "Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year", Time Magazine's "50 Best Inventions of the Year", and Season 2 winner of ABC's hit show "Shark Tank".