Book Review: Measurement Madness By Dina Gray, Pietro Micheli And Andrey Pavlov

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If there is any one thing that can cause a collective eye roll or groan in a meeting, it’s the concept of performance measurement. That is because it’s possibly the most misused form of improvement tool that there is in business. It seems that companies everywhere are obsessed with measuring performance in a thousand different ways without realizing that a) measurements can be skewed and results played with and b) measurement for measurement’s sake is counterproductive. This wonderful new book points out all of the pitfalls of over-utilizing performance measurement, and even better it provides a correct map on how to actually use tools to properly measure demonstrated successes and failures. The authors create a fictional situation right at the beginning of the book to illustrate pitfalls and then talk about how to fix them. There is a somewhat long explanation of what performance measurement is, but that is really the only flaw in Measurement Madness. Give this a read before you assess members of your organization.