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7 Business Leaders Share the Best and Worst Advice They've Heard

7 Business Leaders Share the Best and Worst Advice They've Heard
Image credit: kattebelletje | Flickr

1. Jason Fass, CEO, Zepp

Best advice: “Make sure you’re building products and experiences that everyone in the company can relate to as passionate users and prospective customers.”

Worst advice: “Do some focus groups to figure out what the market wants.”

2. Sonny Vu, CEO, Misfit

Best advice: “Trust your gut.” (When running your second and third companies.)

Worst advice: “Trust your gut.” (When running your first company.)

3. Chris Allen, CEO, iDevices

Best advice: “Surround yourself with great people, and everything else will fall into place.”

Worst advice: “You should let go of your highest-paid people in order to save money.” 

4. Greg Sullivan, CEO, Global Velocity

Best advice: “Celebrate successes along the way.”

Worst advice: “Don’t do business with the federal government.”

5. Zeev Farbman, CEO, Lightricks

Best advice: “Trust yourself in your area of expertise; trust other people in their area of expertise.”

Worst advice: “No one will pay money for it; launch it for free.”

6. Jasper Eisenberg, director of product management, Motrr

Best advice: “If you don’t do it now, it won’t get done.”

Worst advice: “If it’s good enough, it’s good enough.”

7. Martin Källström, CEO, Narrative

Best advice: “Don’t try to do more than three things at once; not even Apple can do more than three things at the same time.”

Worst advice: “Stay in school—it’s important to get a degree.”

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