Book Review: Stuff I Wish I'd Known When I Started Working By Fergus O'Connell

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As people move up the corporate ladder, they take with them their experiences, and one day look back ruefully and think that they wish they would’ve known at the beginning of their careers what they do now. In Stuff I Wish I’d Known When I Started Working, O’Connell attempts to impart information that he wishes he would have had when he was just starting out in his career and moving upwards. This isn’t an easy read, nor is it a light one; it can come off a bit preachy, but the meaning is clear behind each chapter. Most importantly for this reviewer, it does actually get across some real world advice that can and should be applied to each of our working lives as well as our personal lives- some are obvious, others, not so much. There are ideas in here that may be applicable to specific scenarios, but the challenge is really about applying the knowledge he gives in all the little and big ways O’Connell mentions. As the author says, “Your life will be richer for it.