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Young Millionaires 2008

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With annual sales ranging from $5.4 million to $50 million, these 14 young millionaires have one thing in common: They've turned their passions into profits, and they've done so before the age of 40. From fruit delivery services to community software, discover the ideas and inspiration that have spurred this forward-thinking group of entrepreneurs to succeed against all odds.

Hawaii Hideaways

Description: High-end villa rental agency specializing in upscale concierge services

Founder: Anne Pawsat-Dressler, 28

Location: Kula, Hawaii

Projected 2007 sales: $5.4 million

Violator/Brand Asset Group

Description: Artist management, record company and marketing group

Founder: Chris Lighty, 39

Location: New York City

Projected 2007 sales: $11 million (Violator); $2 million (Brand Asset Group)

The Fruitguys

Description: Fresh fruit delivery service for workplaces

Founder: Chris Mittelstaedt, 39

Location: South San Francisco, California

Projected 2007 sales: $10 million

Energy Industries

Description: Energy project developer focused on efficiency and renewable solutions

Founder: Darren T. Kimura, 33

Location: Honolulu

Projected 2007 sales: $16 million

C2 Education

Description: Tutoring company

Founder: David Kim, 29

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Projected 2007 sales: $48 million

Cleanbrands LLC

Description: Designer and manufacturer of allergy barrier bedding products

Founder: Gary Goldberg, 38

Location: East Providence, Rhode Island

Projected 2007 sales: $20 million


Description: Streetwear retailer and online community

Founder: Greg Selkoe, 33

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Projected 2007 sales: $40 million

Sticks And Stones

Description: Custom keepsakes made using framed photos

Founder: Jera, 34, and Brad Deal, 39

Location: Peoria, Illinois

Projected 2007 sales: $10.5 million


Description: Manufacturer of natural pet treats that have functional properties

Founder: Marco Giannini, 32

Location: Los Angeles, California

Projected 2007 sales: $21 million

SimplyShe Inc.

Description: Manufacturer of fashion products, especially pet fashions

Founder: Maria Peevey, 39

Location: San Francisco

Projected 2007 sales: $50 million


Description: Office consumables distributor for small businesses

Founder: Marx Acosta-Rubio, 38

Location: Canoga Park, California

Projected 2007 sales: $22 million

Jive Software

Description: Enterprise collaboration and community software

Founder: Matt Tucker, 29, & Bill Lynch, 30

Location: Portland, Oregon

Projected 2007 sales: $20 million-plus