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The EMV Liability Shift is Coming. Prepare Your Business.

Download this free guide for the essential steps to protecting your sales, profits and brand before the critical Oct. 1 deadline.

Beginning October 1, businesses that fail to update their payment processing terminals to accept chip-enabled EMV credit and debit cards will be exposed to new, potentially devastating liabilities.


This date represents a key liability shift from payment processors to businesses for chargebacks stemming from fraudulent transactions, since EMV chip cards offer enhanced security protection compared to older, magnetic-stripe technology.

Failing to adopt now not only puts your profitability and business at risk, but your brand reputation as well by leaving your customers vulnerable to fraud. But it's not only about protection. Deploying EMV-capable terminals also helps you accept newer forms of mobile payments--such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Android Pay--helping you meet emerging customer payment preferences and, in turn, position your business for growth.

This guide shows you what you need to understand and prepare for EMV, strengthen your data security standards, protect yourself from chargeback liability, and realize all the marketing advantages that EMV migration offers for your business.

Get the information you need in a straightforward, easy-to-understand guide so you can prepare your business simply and effectively.


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