The Executive Selection: Tateossian

Hardware can make or break your boardroom look, and Tateossian promises to help you out by giving you a range of cufflinks to choose from. For the more conservative crowd, Tateossian’s simple, clean-lined geometrics in silver and black work nicely, and for those looking of you looking to add a little flair, the knot-braided, finely-worked set should do the trick. Another notable piece in their collection: the tie-pin. 

Tateossian at Bloomingdale’s Dubai

The engineers among you might get a special kick out of this set of particularly eye-catching cufflinks. Tateossian’s four-colored metal workmanship flatters a variety of shirt and suit shades, and bring a bit of whimsy to even the sternest banker’s suit. An added bonus? Some of the cogs and wheels actually turn (we tried them out just to make sure!). 

Tateossian at Bloomingdale’s Dubai
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