Indians find US less stressful for work over India

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Call it an apathy or quirk but Indian abroad relish their work environment than India! With so many furors over 'Make In India' and 'India Digital', is this, in the essence, what we have truly achieved?

According to a survey by international money transfer firm Transfast, several Indians abroad find themselves overqualified for the jobs that they have and it's, dare I say, more easy to survive here than on a similar profile in India.

Comes no less than a shocker but it's easier for them to manage and facilitate money sending from US to India than India itself.

Terming US as the 'land of opportunity', over 500 survey respondents intend to ultimately return to their motherland (India). However, they find United States less cumbersome in performance, acquisition, deliverance and achievement of personal and financial goals.

The survey glaringly reveals that 83 per cent US-based Indians are overtly qualified for their current jobs, while 62 per cent describe their workplace in US as less stressful than their Indian counterparts.

"People who come here for work are pivotal in two ways. They contribute to the US economy by performing and earning and at the same time they send money home to India and they better the GDP of their home country as well," Transfast CEO Samish Kumar said.

If that wasn't all, 64 per cent respondents claimed that they earned what they expected; around 61 per cent stated that they work longer hours to earn that income while 60 per cent said they worked for more than 40 hours a week. There was a meager 39 per cent that disclosed that they worked less than expected.

On the whole, a vast majority (83 per cent) came to terms with the fact that their jobs in US offered better growth and promised better opportunities. 

Be it US or India, Indians are showing a similar streak of work-related needs. The survey does speak of rampant apathy back at home (India), but the figures and respondents have a greater pining than a whining for their motherland.

The survey factually reveals a trend, but figuratively speaks on a note that the work-related 'second choice' is merely a calling out of need not out of luxury. If India delivers on what PM Narendra Modi attempts to paint, the GDP bedazzlement for India would be a gallop without a bridle.
Akash Shukla

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