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Not everything is wireless these days, and what better way to network than to plug it in, plug it in.
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We're entering the era of home networking--it's up to Ethernet speed, easier to install and affordable. While wireless systems are coming along, one of the simplest ways to go is with a phoneline system like NETGEAR's. But make sure you have a working phone jack in every room with a soon-to-be-networked computer.

Why network? Why not work? If you use more than one computer (or if the kids or spouse have their own), you can share an Internet connection and files as well. One Internet connection over one phone line is much cheaper than two.

The NETGEAR 10Mbps solution consists of a family of products: the Home Phone line 10X PCI Adaptor ($69.95), USB Adaptor ($99.95), Network Bridge ($249) and Home Gateway ($199). The PCI model covers desktops without USB, the USB adaptor covers newer computers and the Network Bridge connects Ethernet-ready machines. The Home Gateway incorporates a 56Kbps modem so the main "gateway" computer the others connect through isn't required to be on for the others to access the Internet. Visit http://www.netgearinc.com for the latest.

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