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Microsoft Home Publishing Suite 2000

All your publishing needs in one place, including the ability to spice up your Web site

If you're stuck with Microsoft Works, Microsoft Home Publishing Suite 2000 might be a good addition to your home-office software arsenal. For $55, you get PictureIt!, 10,000 project templates (that's a lot of templates), 10,000 professional photos, 250 fonts and Microsoft Greetings 2000. The Web-integration features, though, are what make this package truly handy. It can, of course, handle projects like brochures, stationery and business cards. But you can also post projects onto your Web site. Animations and e-mail greeting cards are all within bounds as well.

While the PictureIt! software is easier to handle than Adobe PhotoShop, it's not as powerful. But, hey, for $55 we'll make some trade-offs. If you like the interface and want more oomph, the full-featured PictureIt! is available separately for $55 (street). If you think "Microsoft" and "user-friendly" don't go together, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Home Publishing Suite's easy, intuitive interface. Dig through for more information, or hop directly to to find out more.

This story appears in the January 2000 issue of Startups. Subscribe »