Arre´ to dole out India's first digital reality series

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Arré, the digital media brand from UDigital, Co-founded by Ronnie Screwvala, B Saikumar and Ajay Chacko will launch with a first-ever digital reality show, based on the Israeli format 'Re-Gender' which explores the relationship between the sexes. The plot is distributed by Armoza formats.


The show is a daring social experiment that breaks down the rules of gender perception and challenges the society-defined gender stereotypes. As many as six people will change their sexual identity. The men will role play as women and the women will try and fit in the shoes of men.

Through their assignments out in the real world as well as through the dynamics with each other in the house, where they will live a life that would be cut off from the world for an entire month. Here, the contestants will discover certain not-so-obvious truths about the opposite sex.  Can a woman really do a man’s job and vice versa? Is it a man’s world or is it the women who actually call the shots? What do men say about women behind their backs? Should a woman change the way she dresses in order to feel safe? Is paying the bills a means of control for a man? The six participants will undergo intense gender training as well as emotional and physical transformations like prosthetics, haircuts, styling and make-up.

Each participant will make a personal journey on the show to understand the self better and their relationships. After all, is there better way to understand the opposite sex than by being the opposite sex?

Format distributor Armoza Formats has successfully completed seasons of the show on television in Israel and Germany. Commenting on this partnership, Avi Armoza, Founder and CEO, Armoza Formats said, “We’re extremely excited about this venture with Arré and to see ‘Re-Gender’ become the flagship series for this fresh new platform. The issues, which the show deals with, not only contribute to viewership but it also provokes important discussions in our society.” 

B Sai Kumar, Co-founder and Managing Director, UDigital, said, “We are hoping to break new ground with a show like Re-Gender on digital media in India. Definitions of gender roles and expectations are evolving every day. It is a much-talked about and debated subject in India. We wish to bring our lens to the topic through one-of-a-kind entertainment series with elements of drama, reality, emotion, new experiences along with social learning that are all rolled into one.”

While Arré is yet to announce what the series will be called in India, the team will begin shooting in 2-3 weeks at a farmhouse in Chhatarpur, Delhi.