Tunisia National Dialogue Quartet Awarded 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

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When looking back at the period of time that we refer to as the Arab Spring, we often focus on its problematic aspects, notably power vacuums and potential war. However, when it comes to Tunisia, it’s safe to say that they seemed to have handled things pretty well during the transition period. Five years after 27-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi immolated himself, Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet, a coalition consisting of lawyers, human rights activists, businesspeople, and leaders of labor unions, was awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for playing a pivotal role in the country’s transition to a pluralistic democracy. While many speculated the possibility of a Tunisian civil war after Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown after two decades in power, the quartet has managed to defy all odds. While Tunisia still has its fair share of struggles, winning the Nobel Peace Prize is only an additional morale boost to its citizens- and a reminder of the perks of national unity.