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Can Live-Streaming Video Help Me?

Can Live-Streaming Video Help Me?
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More than 10 million people have used the live-streaming app Periscope, with a few million more using Meerkat and Blab, to deliver raw and unedited broadcasts to viewers of all kinds. If used wisely, this technology can also help your business connect with customers and prospects. 

Here, marketing consultant Lisa Illman, founder of, explains how.

I’m not exactly a TV star, so what am I broadcasting here?

Stick to content that delivers the 3 E’s: educates, engages and entertains. Boutique owners can stream activity at their store, with descriptions of different clothing styles, fabrics, colors or a tutorial on how to match pieces. A pizza-restaurant owner can create a pie, toss it in the oven and offer a discussion about ingredients or the pros and cons of brick ovens. Audience members can text questions onscreen.

But is any of that going to help my business? 

It can help drive people to you digitally. During the stream, make your web address visible in the background. Mention it several times during a presentation, and ask viewers to comment via your blog or social media channels. Ask them to sign up for your e-newsletters.

Are there potential legal issues?

Yes, you could be sued for featuring a customer or shopper in a video feed that promotes your business if you haven’t received their permission. Also, don’t live stream TV shows, concerts or any other copyrighted performance.

Can I embed a live broadcast on my website? 

No, but you can save your live broadcast after it’s over, and then upload it to YouTube or another video-sharing service that allows you to embed their content on your site.

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