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$72 Billion Investment Network

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The Internet is loaded with sites offering you help in locating investors, but few pack the punch of, a private equity network with roughly $72 billion in investor capital. And that number is still growing.

According to the company's CEO Lori King, some 2 million visitors have checked out the site over the past two years. With more than 3,000 investment opportunities and contact information for 28,000 investors, and 22,000 advisors, accountants, investment attorneys and experts, the site's popularity is no wonder.

"We have venture capital investors, investment bankers and angel investors who state what they're looking for and how much they have to invest," says King. "Basically, we have anything that has to do with private equity."

A three-month membership, which costs $59, allows investors to access the database and search for investment opportunities by industry, region and other parameters (14 percent of listings are international). Companies seeking capital enter a description of their business and can access the database of investors and advisors for free. The rest is up to them.

"We believe in due diligence," says King. "This is just a starting point. Users search our network and make contact themselves. They e-mail each other, and that breaks down barriers."

Kurt Samson is a freelance business writer and public relations consultant in Annapolis, Maryland.