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Multiple Advantages

Double your PC power at a fraction of the price.

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When it comes to the task of home networking, you can find manysolutions on the market. But few are as simple and cost-efficientas Applica U2 from Concurrent Controls Inc.

Applica U2 ($149 street) for Windows 95/98 gives you all thebenefits of having a second PC without acquiring another computer.You do, however, have to add another monitor, keyboard andmouse.

How does it work? Place the ISA expansion card in your existingPC, run the cable (included) to the U2 connector box, and connectthe second user's monitor, keyboard and mouse to the U2connector box. After that, two users can surf the Web, createdocuments and send e-mail all at the same time, without asignificant decrease in computing performance.

To accomplish this feat, Applica U2 takes advantage of thebuilt-in multitasking features of Windows 95/98. It's a lotless expensive than buying a second PC, and it allows for efficientsharing of resources (such as your modem) and computer files.

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