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The Incredible Shrinking Monitor

There's just never enough desk space to go around.

Your desk may look a lot like mine. Somewhere under the papers, flat-bed scanner, books and magazines is a mini-tower and a monitor. Unfortunately, there's just never enough desk space to go around. Now that computers are taking up less room, however, monitors are following suit. The new Panasonic PanaSync SL70i 17" is a "short-length" monitor with a shorter back that takes up less room (not to be confused with thinner LCD monitors).

The CRT SL70i only takes up as much room as a 14-inch monitor. That's not as small as an LCD, but at only $379, it's much more affordable. A good .25mm dot pitch, 16-inch-diagonal viewing area and 1,600 x 1,280 maximum resolution make for a versatile monitor. The three-year warranty covers parts, labor and the CRT, with the first year including on-site service. Click over to for the full rundown.

This story appears in the August 1999 issue of Startups. Subscribe »