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The Time Is Now

Stop procrastinating and get back to work.

This story appears in the May 2000 issue of

Sometimes it's easier to put things off than to handle them right away. Easier, but not smarter. Here are several ways to help you jump-start your next project and avoid a last-minute time crunch:

  • First, use a -whether on paper, in an electronic organizer or on your PC-to record everything you need to do.
  • Give each task on your list a priority, either by listing the more important tasks at the top or by using a numeric system (No. 1 for high-priority tasks, No. 2 for less important tasks, and so on).
  • Refer to your list often while you're working, and if you're still having trouble getting started, work on a quick No. 3 or easy task. After completing a simple task, you'll be ready to tackle bigger ones.
  • Reward yourself for completing various aspects of a project. A reward may be as simple as taking a walk around the block or reading part of your favorite .
  • Don't beat yourself up. Realize that you're not the only person who has trouble getting started on various projects.

If you're still having trouble getting started, use one of these methods to make your tasks a bit more manageable and fun:

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