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Making the Right Connection

Increase your productivity with these telephone services

This story appears in the May 2000 issue of

Are you in the market for a new ? Make the time you spend on the phone more productive by looking for the following essential features:

  • Using a hold button or a mute button is far more effective and more professional than covering the receiver and hoping the person on the other end can't hear you.
  • Automatic redial saves you time dialing busy numbers. You can keep working while you're waiting for a call to go through.
  • Number storage keeps frequently called phone numbers literally at your fingertips.
  • A speaker phone allows you to dial without holding the receiver. While you're waiting for an answer, you can keep working.
  • A cordless phone gives you the freedom to walk around your office or even outside.

Once you've got your new phone, check out the following services from the phone company to increase your phone productivity even more. (Services offered depend on your local phone company.)

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