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People Expecting a Free Chipotle Burrito Instead Accidently Texted a Random Lawyer

Where's my free burrito?

Hank Levine doesn't know, although hundreds of people texted him on Monday hoping to receive a coupon for a free meal from Chipotle.

“You didn’t text Chipotle,” the 64-year-old Bethesda, Md.-based lawyer responded to some messages, according to The Washington Post, before eventually giving up as his inbox exploded with more than 300 messages with just one word: “raincheck.”

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The onslaught of texts seemed to be the result of some confusion, as people tried to take advantage of Chipotle’s offer of a free burrito to make up for its restaurants opening four hours later than usual on Monday. The accidental texts seemed to be the result of people in the Maryland area adding an extra digit to the number used in the promotion.

“Some people texted five or six times, almost in despair, so I responded to them,” Levine told The Washington Post.

Even after the lawyer explained the situation, some people refused to give up. A few texts got a bit nasty.

“This isn’t fit to print, but the text was essentially ‘Get me my bleeping burrito you bleeping burrito, or I’ll bleepity bleep you,’” he says in the article. “You learn what people are really like when you become a social media mistake.”

Others were friendly, asking Levine about his life and how many people he’s heard from because of the mixup.

In an effort to be a good samaritan, the lawyer did contact the company. Though it didn’t say what its response would be, Chipotle reps did offer him coupons for four free meals.

The coupons would be in addition to the one he already received after texting "raincheck" to the correct number. It was the first thing he did after figuring out what was actually going on.

Hey, at least he got a free burrito … or five.

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